Reactive Plot

Script Player

Script Player is a choose-your-own-adventure game player for Reactive Plot scripts. The built in script browser lets you select any game script from the central script repository.

Run the Script Player! (needs Java 6)

To play a choose-your-own-adventure game, click Script->Browse internet scripts repository.

You can run the work-in-progress Script Editor from the Script menu inside the Script Player. Then open a script with the internet script repository browser.


New version 0.4.0!

  • More powerful XML script format, including player character changing and extended script info

  • Graphical script visualization, demonstrated in the new pre-alpha Script Editor

  • Many small improvements and bug fixes

New version 0.3.0!

  • New version of Script Player with a script repository browser

  • New version of Reactive Plot library featuring custom script information


Downloads page

The main reactiveplot jar file includes both Script Player and the Reactive Plot library.

If you want to install Script Player on your own computer, save the latest version of reactiveplot.jar to your computer. Running it will start Script Player.

Reactive Plot Library

The Reactive Plot library is an open-source Java branching conversations library.

It can add support for interactive, decision-based conversations to any Java program. It is designed primarily for games, from first-person shooters to modern web-based adventure games. It is independent of any user-interface or game engine.

Features include:

  • XML-based conversation scripts that can be read and edited by any standard XML editor

  • Full JAXB support allows reading and writing scripts to XML

  • An extendible script syntax supporting custom user extensions

  • Built-in loading of scripts from local files or URLs, and the ability to implement custom script loaders

  • Infinite undo operations, and the ability to undo to specially marked points in the scripts

  • Saving and loading of all state to a serializable object

  • Framework for building script editors, including graph-building code for visualizing script logic

The Reactive Plot library is released under the open-source MIT license. This gives you the right to copy and modify the library in commercial products. It is also fully compatible with several major open-source licenses, e.g. all versions of the GPL.

Library Documentation

Reactive Plot library API Reference 0.4.0